Taste And Enjoy The Typical Gastronomy Of Madrid!

The city of Madrid is famous, among other reasons, for its gastronomy. Would you like to taste Madrid? Here are our favourites.

Cocido Madrileño

The cocido madrileño is Madrid’s most typical and famous dish. Although it is preferably eaten in winter, no one can resist a good chickpea stew with vegetables, meat, sausage and pork bacon, accompanied by a good bowl of soup.

The stew is usually served in three bowls: the first is the broth. The second is the chickpeas served with the vegetables and potatoes and, finally, the meat and sausages or viands are served.

We recommend a few places where you can try this typical Madrilenian stew:

1.- La Bola – Calle de la Bola, 5 

2.- Restaurante Malacatín – Calle de la Ruda, 5 (La Latina)

3.- Casa Álvarez Cervecería – Plaza del Gral. Vara de Rey, 11

Huevos estrellados

The next dish, huevos estrellados, is famous for the simplicity of its ingredients: Fried eggs, fried potatoes and slices of ham. If the eggs are scrambled with the ham and the potatoes, they are huevos rotos, either of which is a real delicacy.

1.- Casa Lucio – Calle de la Cava Baja nº 35

2.- Los Rotos Madrid – Calle Huertas nº 74.

Bocadillo de calamares

Another very emblematic meal in Madrid that is very simple: a sandwich filled with calamari a la romana, the best option after a morning of sightseeing in the city.

1.- Cervecería La Campana – Calle de Botoneras nº 6

2.-Bar La Ideal – Calle de Botoneras nº 4

3.-El Paraíso del Jamón – Calle Arenal nº 26

Patatas bravas

And we continue tasting potatoes, this time with the famous Papas Bravas. This time, fried potatoes cut into squares with a slightly spicy tomato sauce. If you don’t like this sauce, you always have the option of having them with another sauce made with egg, oil and garlic, also called alioli sauce.

1.- Cervecería Churruca  – Calle Churruca nº21

2.- Los Gatos – Calle de Jesús nº2

3.- Santurce – Plaza del General Vara del Rey nº 14

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