Multisensory and Inmersive Experiences in Madrid

Do you want to take advantage of your trip to Madrid to renew your feed on social networks? Here we recommend some places where you can, not only take great photos, but also have fun like never before and prove your five senses. We hope you like it and let us know your comments.


In this museum you can enjoy an interactive tasting spread across 9 rooms that are themed and designed by renowned artists. Some of these rooms include a giant candy forest, a lollipop waterfall that you can jump over, an ice cream tasting laboratory, and a semi-transparent slide that takes you to explore a fantasy world. All these rooms will allow you to make a super fun photoshoot.

In each room there is a “Sweeter” who informs you about the different activities and guides you to them. Additionally, at the end of the visit, the store gives away a “gift shop” with sweets such as waffles, ice cream, and candies to try.

This museum is located on Serrano Street, 61 (Rubén Darío or Nuñez de Balboa metro).


This space comprised of three floors is full of sensory experiences that will wake and stimulate your senses.

How does Ikono do this? It encourages us to venture into its 15 rooms of unknown and creative universes, and to explore among rooms of fabulous lights and full of balls and confetti, among others.

You can find it in Sánchez Bustillo street, 7 (Estación del Arte, metro line 1).


This is one of the most eccentric and multisensory restaurants in the city. It is located near the Plaza de Sol and is a place of food and cocktails with a pure fantasy atmosphere and a presentation of dishes and cocktails impressive. A classic are the wonderful cocktails presented in glasses of characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Rosi la Loca lures us to her place with this phrase: “I am Rosi la Loca; a woman without fear; a woman full of fascination, madness, dreams and crazy about traveling. I am a lover of adventure and a life full of color and fantasy and I want you to join me in this experience.”


As its name suggests, this museum offers more than 20 immersive experiences that will make you experience what happiness smells and tastes like.

During the tour of its rooms you will take a journey through the Laboratory of Happiness, the History and Geography of Happiness, the Happiness beyond Money space, the Laughterdrome and the Happy Magic Show.

This museum gets us to try happiness through various activities such as the laughter therapy machine, jumping down a fun slide or the machine that gives hugs and is located in Ronda de Valencia, 8 (metro Lavapiés).


This museum is present in 18 countries and we are very lucky to have one of its headquarters in Madrid. This museum will not only make you enjoy its games, but will also train your brain.

Walking through the rooms of this museum you will enter a world of optical illusions where nothing is what it seems and where they will teach you new things about perception, vision, science and the brain. Among its rooms are the Inclined Room, the Vortex Tunnel and the Symmetry Room, among others.

It is located at Calle del Doctor Cortezo, 8 (metro Tirso de Molina).

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