Discover charming places next to Madrid on a car trip

If you want to leave the urban environment and discover other places close to Madrid, these are our recommendations for routes that you can take by car.

El Valle del Lozoya

In the Lozoya Valley you will find some of the most relevant towns to visit in Madrid, with many hiking routes and nature activities, such as Puerto de Cotos, Rascafría, Puerto de la Morcuera, or Canencia. The municipality that gives its name to the valley, Buitrago de Lozoya, is very close to the Atazar Reservoir, the largest water reserve in the community of Madrid.

Sierra del Rincón

La Sierra del Rincón is in the northern area of Madrid and its great natural beauty is also part of the Biosphere Reserve.

Among the towns you can visit are Prádena del Rincón, Horcajuelo, Montejo de la Sierra, Puebla de la Sierra, and La Hiruela. The last one is perhaps the best known of all, but we cannot forget El Hayedo de Montejo, an impressive forest declared Heritage of Humanity.

La Sierra Oeste de Madrid

The Sierra Oeste is another one of the great natrual joys in the community of Madrid.

We will start with Navalcarnero and its beautiful historic center. Then we will continue to Chapineria to visit its churches and palaces, to then finish in Pantano de San Juan, one of the most preferred desinations of Madrid residents on the weekends.

Very close is San Martin de Valdeiglesias, with its Castle of Coracera. We also recommend visiting the enchanted forest as well.

Leaving San Martin de Valdeiglesias behind, we move on to Robledo de Chavela, where we can see NASA installations and giant telescopes. To end our escape from the city, we move to Santa Maria de la Alameda after crossing the Puerto de la Cruz Verde.

Las Vegas in Madrid

What would you think about a visit to Las Vegas without leaving Madrid? It’s not what you imagine. This area bathed by Tajo and Jarama rivers, has Aranjuez and Chinchón as its main points of interest.

We start with Aranjuez, with its Royal Palace, gardens, and all the monuments that are part of the World Heritage Site. We will continue through Chinchón with its Plaza Mayor, castles, and beautiful streets.

From there we will go to Colmenar de Oreja, another beautiful town in the south of Madrid. We must highlight its Plaza Mayor as well as its churches and the architecture of its houses. Other towns to see in Las Vegas are Fuentidueña de Tajo and Villarejo de Salvanés, and their castles; as well as Belmonte de Tajo.

We hope you enjoy our recommendations and that Madrid becomes a beautiful memory during your stay.

Have a good trip!

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