Frequent questions long term rent.

[ Prior to your arrival ]

What do I have to do before arrival?

To have everything ready for your arrival, we need you to send us a photo of your passport or Identity Card, so we will have the contract ready to be physically signed.

It is also necessary that the payment of the deposit be made before entering the apartment, so you can pay it days before through a link that we will send you or by making a bank transfer, as long as it is made at least 5 days before your arrival .

As our schedule is short, we will need to know what day you will arrive and at what time. Remember that check-in hours are from Monday to Saturday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Sundays at 2:00 p.m.

What expenses does the apartment include?

Check the characteristics of your contract on the portal through which you made the reservation. Uusally, the monthly rent includes the price of the apartment, Wi-Fi, bedding, access to the laundry and specific amounts of water and electricity, depending on the type of apartment you have reserved.

What does the bedding include?

In the bedding that we offer you would be included:

  • – Set of sheets for all beds (including sofa bed, if any): two sheets per bed and two pillowcases.
  • – Nordic
  • – Towels: one large and one small for each tenant and 2 shower mats.

What are the sizes of the bedding?

  • Category A Apartments Bed measurements: 150 cm
  • Category B Apartments bed measurements: 135 cm
  • Category C Apartments bed measurements: 180 cm
  • Apartments Category D and E measures of the beds: 90 cm
  • Apartments Category F measures of the beds: 90 and 150 cm

Have I seen that the apartment does not have a washing machine?

– In the building we have a laundry room with several washing machines and a dryer, clients staying in apartments without a washing machine would have access. This laundry has a schedule to avoid disturbing guests who live nearby.

[ During your stay ]

How are the rent and bills paid?

– The rent must be paid in the first 5 days of the month, if not, a fine of € 20 per day of delay will be incurred. Rent can be paid in the following ways.

  • TPV or Virtual TPV: Guests can pay the rent by credit or debit card at reception or by a link we send through email. 
  • Bank transfer: you can make a bank transfer every month between the 1st to the 5th of each month with the payment of the rent plus supplies.

Where can I dispose of the garbage?

– Garbage should be thrown away every day from 8:00 p.m. in the bins that you will find in the outer courtyard of the building or on the street, next to the main door.

Can I extend my stay?

– Clients can extend their stay as long as there is availability and they notify us at least 30 days in advance. If these conditions are met, the following would be to sign an annex and make the payment corresponding to said extension.

Can I request to leave earlier?

– Clients who want to leave before the end date of their contract, may do so as long as they communicate it one month in advance and in writing. If not, and if the month in question has not been paid, the deposit will not be returned.

[ After you stay ]

How is the return of the deposit made?

The return of the deposit is made by bank transfer once the client’s stay in the apartment is finished and the client is asked for his account number at the time of checkout. You are informed that for a certain period the deposit will not be returned to check the apartment and that all the bills corresponding to the property are up to date. It is possible that the refund will be made to the card with which you made the payment, so when we go to return the deposit in this way, we will let you know.